Life lessons #1 – Printer Starter Cartridge

Level shown after just test printed on 5pcs of A4 size paper.

A week before, we brought a printer.
We didn’t ask the salesperson to test print on the spot. Know that we should have the salesperson test the printer on the spot so we can evaluate it’s actual performance. When we arrived home and successfully assembled the printer, we ran a few tests, we printed roughly 10 colored pages. Unknowingly, the ink was very quickly consumed. (Note that we were informed it can print at least 1500 colored pages before running out of ink!)

When we called to ask about this problem we were told that the cartridge that came with the printer was know as a “starter cartridge” and that we had to buy the standard cartridge when we eventually ran out of ink! 😱

After doing a little research of our own, based on Quora, Starter cartridges are intended to get your printer up and running. They have a smaller amount of ink than a standard yield cartridge, and will probably last for a couple of weeks only if you print occasionally. The starter cartridges that come with it are only half filled.
We had no knowledge of this starter ink cartridge thingy!

🔎 ☝ Moral of the story, remember to look out for this starter ink cartridge marketing gimmick and to have the salesperson test the printer on the spot to avoid complications!