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The book

The flipbook provides a general description on my properties and some information regarding me and how to contact me if you find the following...

Tips to get your bank loan approved easily.

For the loan application, you will have to prepare several documents for the bank to examine your financial capabilities before they approve your loan....

Reasons to Invest in Malaysian Properties

Why not Singapore? Why not Hong Kong? Why Malaysia? ...

Legal Documents and it’s acronyms

SPA - Sales and Purchase Agreement A legal contract binding the seller and purchaser pertaining to the property transaction and containing all the agreed...

Buying Process for Sub-sales Property in Malaysia

Wondering what is the buying process for sub-sales property in Malaysia?For a quick look, you can refer to our summarised buying process flowchart above. Step...

What documents are required for the bank loan application?

Congratulations! By looking into "What documents are required for loan application", you're now about or ready to purchase your awesome property. For...