Life lessons #3 – Buying drinking water


Not long ago, I made a discovery!

buying drinking water

Sometimes, I would buy a bottle of water from most Malaysian grocery and convenient stores, it would cost me around RM1.80 to RM2.00 for 1.5 ℓiter.

One day, our household water was heavily polluted which experience unpleasant odors,😷 smell like petroleum or gasoline even after boiling. 😱 After discussed, my family came to the conclusion that buying bottled water was the best choice for that moment. Therefore, we headed to our nearby convenient store to buy it. While browsing, we made a very much obvious discovery which is water bottles are much cheaper when buying in bulk. So we brought a carton of water.

12 bottles in 1 carton vs 1 bottle

Here’s the simple calculation:

1 single bottled water = RM1.80
12 bottles in 1 carton = RM7.50
When 7.50/12 = RM0.60
Hence, buying in bulk gives you 3X more value!

🔎 ☝ Moral of the story… Individuals who frequently buy drinking water or mineral water should buy in bulk to get the best value for the lowest costs.