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Legal Documents and it’s acronyms

SPA - Sales and Purchase Agreement A legal contract binding the seller and purchaser pertaining to the property transaction and containing all the agreed...

Risk of Property Investment

As a real estate agent, it would be disadvantages of me to review the cons of property investment but as the responsible person I...

7 Important Questions You Should Be Asking About Property Valuation

02/06/20210585 Valuation refers to the process of determining the present value of a company or an asset. It can be done using a number of techniques. Moreover,...

All about Refinancing

what is refinancing? Refinancing is a home mortgage that involve paying off an existing loan and replacing it with a new one or turning our...

Life lessons #2 – Check your property from time to time!

I was shocked😱 when the moment I step in this unit for inspection on behalf of owner. The door was unlocked and the...

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