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Buying Process for Sub-sales Property in Malaysia

Wondering what is the buying process for sub-sales property in Malaysia?For a quick look, you can refer to our summarised buying process flowchart above. Step...

Risk of Property Investment

As a real estate agent, it would be disadvantages of me to review the cons of property investment but as the responsible person I...

All about RPGT – Real Property Gain Tax 2019

What is RPGT? RPGT is Real Property Gain Tax. That's the full form of the acronym. But what is it about? Let me answer that...

Life lessons #3 – Buying drinking water

Not long ago, I made a discovery! Sometimes, I would buy a bottle of water from most Malaysian grocery and convenient stores, it would cost...

Legal Documents and it’s acronyms

SPA - Sales and Purchase Agreement A legal contract binding the seller and purchaser pertaining to the property transaction and containing all the agreed...

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