Reasons to Invest in Malaysian Properties


Why not Singapore? Why not Hong Kong? Why Malaysia? This is because of not one but many reasons. Anyone who did their homework knows that Malaysia is a unique country that is free of natural disasters, famed for its facial diversity, natural havens such as beaches, rainforests and more. Briefly speaking, Malaysia has two main regions – the West Malaysia and East Malaysia. One filled with developing cities and the other filled with natural edens. Still tho, there are many reasons to invest in Malaysian properties.

1. Government Support

Firstly, the government provides support and endless investment opportunities. The Malaysian government has been encouraging and giving permission to foreigners to stay in the country through a special initiative known as the Malaysia Second Home (MM2H). It’s main purpose is to attract and encourage foreigners to retire in Malaysia.

2. Good Weather

Actual photo taken in Malaysia.

Secondly, unlike countries like China, UK and other 4 season countries where its either too cold or too hot at certain times. Malaysia is mostly warm and humid through out the year, making Malaysia a cozy country, inhabited by warm and cozy Malaysians.

3. Great food and delicacies

photo of Nasi Lemak
photo: King of Fruit ~ Durian

Malaysia is well known as a food paradise. Starting with the Nasi Lemak to the Asam Laksa and many more to come around. It’s quite difficult for anyone to find unappealing food. On a relative note, Malaysia is also famed for its varieties of tropical fruits, from the honey sweet Mangga to the infamous King of Fruits~Durian. Malaysia will not be running out of food and fruits anytime soon.

4. Multiracial diversity and harmony

Malaysia always was and always will be a harmonious country with people of different race and religion. The 3 main races are Chinese, Malays and Indians. The dominant culture is the Malay culture but other cultures are practiced freely. As expected the main language used is Malay but many other languages along with its dialects such as the English, Chinese, Tamil and Cantonese.

5. Cheap property prices

Malaysian property prices are relatively cheap when compared to other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and others. This is because Malaysia has a generous amount of roads and lands to be developed and to be marketed. Besides, foreigners can own landed properties such as high rise and certain land types without much government restrictions.

6. No deadly natural disasters

Due to the geographical location, Malaysia is free from deadly natural disasters such as earthquake, tornadoes and other threats. “You are safe and so is your properties.”

7. Great Education choices

Malaysia, especially West Malaysia offers a variety of different school types such as government schools, private schools, vocational schools, international school and more. Additionally, quite a lot of colleges are affiliated with international universities. Therefore, Malaysia possesses quite a number of choices for quality education.

8. Medical Facilities

“Wait… really?” Well yes, statistically, Malaysia has become one of the most affordable, yet most advanced healthcare system of international standards. Making it an ideal choice for foreigners and locals that are seeking up-to-standards healthcare.

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